piCHEM proudly presents - our new facility!



piCHEM moved to its new production facility located in Raaba-Grambach in the south-east of Graz! After an intense and efficient planning phase, the construction of the new site started in May 2016 and was finalized in December 2016. This new production site will bring together all current sites located in Graz and Grambach. Read more about our relocation here: Change Notification


Over the past 25 years piCHEM has been supplying peptide based research products and APIs for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. piCHEM wants to provide its clients with the optimum of support to assist their business and ideas. The new site will offer increased security, capacity and flexibility to best serve our clients'demand for high quality peptides and peptide/protein conjugates.



Nuclear Medicine - Synthetic Vaccines - Catalogue Products

GMP Production - Custom Peptide Synthesis - Stability Testing